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    Emeritus Broker
    45 years in real estate
    6 Billion in sales
    One of Malibu's most respected agents

    Purpose is essential to success.

    Our purpose, quite simply, is to provide extraordinary, selfless service. Passion is what fuels purpose. We are passionate about redefining the real estate experience for our clientele. A plan turns purpose and passion into meaningful action. We look forward to sharing our plan with you.


    Gayle Pritchett

    For over four decades, Gayle Pritchett has carved an indelible mark in the real estate industry, embodying a career marked by unwavering expertise, a personable approach, and an unyielding commitment to excellence. With a wealth of knowledge and a style that seamlessly blends professionalism with approachability, Gayle has become synonymous with integrity and a stellar reputation for conducting her real estate endeavors with honesty, ethics, and diligence.

    Gayle's success is intricately tied to the satisfaction of her clients, making client referrals the lifeblood of her thriving business. Her dedication to ensuring the fulfillment of her clients' needs underscores her belief that a truly successful real estate transaction is one where her clients not only achieve their goals but do so with a sense of satisfaction that transcends the transaction itself.

    A testament to her enduring commitment and outstanding contributions, Gayle has been bestowed with the prestigious title of Realtor® Emeritus by the National Association of Realtors. This accolade is a reflection of her 45 years of unwavering, good-standing service and dedication to an industry which she has not only excelled in but has also consistently elevated through her exemplary conduct and achievements.


    Gayle Pritchett and Lacey Rose Gorden are very special people and an exceptional team. No matter if you are a first-time buyer or seller, or if you have multiple transactions and experience. I have no doubt that you will benefit from the value of their professional expertise, fast and efficient attention to detail, and their...

    Jacklyn Zeman

    I am a real estate attorney from Las Vegas, Nevada. After losing both of my parents in a relatively short time (who were married for 65 years), I needed to sell my parents' home in Malibu. I interviewed several real estate agents/brokers. I decided that Gayle Pritchett and Lacey Rose Gorden were the best team...

    Barney Ales

    Gayle Pritchett did an absolutely superb job for me. She was hands-on and thoroughly professional throughout the process of selling my house. She was responsive and knowledgeable; the best agent I have ever worked with by far. Victoria Marie: Gayle and Lacey are a dynamic duo! I reached out to Gayle, asking her to keep...

    Ron Tucker

    Gayle and Lacey are a dynamic duo! I reached out to Gayle, asking her to keep her eyes out for a particular property and they found it as soon as it hit the market! The buying process was a bit stressful for my unique situation, but with Gayle and Lacey on my team, I was...

    Victoria Marie

    Gayle & Lacey are the best! If you want all your i's dotted and t's crossed, market knowledge, immediate response, expert communication, work with Gayle & Lacey. I will never work with anyone else, ever!...

    Vicky Arnold
    Gayle Pritchett

    The Team

    Lacey Rose Gorden

    Lacey Rose Gorden

    A Malibu native who cares deeply about the community, architecture, and the land that surrounds it. Growing up in what she believes to be the most breathtaking 21-mile (used to be 27-mile) coastline has led her on a journey to follow in her family's footsteps and pursue a passion for real estate. Lacey Rose is dedicated to relationship building, selfless service, consistency and discipline. She works extremely hard to keep the buying and selling process streamlined and stress-free. A very wise woman once told her, “a successful transaction always depends on the satisfaction of your clients.” Her clients and their best interests come first, with no exceptions.

    She believes personal success stems from one’s ability to be in control of their mindset. We wake up every morning with a choice and she takes pride in her ability to choose wisely.

    Prior to real estate, Lacey Rose worked in Brand and Marketing Account Management at Creative Artist Agency and Live Nation developing brand identities and successfully executing large-scale...

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